When it comes to love..

When it comes to love…If you truly do love that person then you will push through any adversity just to be with them, whether it may be distance or just things people say in general because in your mind the person you love is worth it, through the pain you know good times are in store for the future, so you stay strong and do whatever it takes just to be with them because they hold this special place in your heart and can make you feel like no one can make you feel. If someone means something to you and you know that’s the person you want to be with then don’t let anything stop you from being with them, Only you have the ability to control your decisions so if you want to be with them then do it because if you want it bad enough it can happen. Sometimes when it comes to love you have to fight for that person to show them how much they mean to you, so by all means do it and let them know that your heart is true and that it calls one name, theirs. ♥

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