My sassy girl

* Once in your life if you are very lucky. who will meet the person who divides it into the time before you met her and the time after.

* Sometimes you start relationships and sometimes they start you.

* Men never learn they just keep on making the same mistakes over and over again but each time in nicer…pants.

*Some of use are meant to suffer, some of use are meant to believe that we have this certain destiny and it just gets stashed away. But we have to stay alive because we have to see how the story ends.

* All I have to do is give her love and respect and see how the story ends.

* Destiny is the bridge you build to the one you love.

* I wish you a story with a happy ending and the wisdom to look for it.

* The only man I will ever envy, is the man you wins your heart. And I´ll always believe it was my destiny to be that man.

*If we never see each other again and you´re out walking one day and you fell certain presence beside you that would be me… loving you wherever I am.

*And about the question about destiny
All I know is that even when destiny really want to accomplish something, it can´t do it alone, you still have to build the bridge to the one you love.