Everyone deserves someone who will love them

I think everyone deserves someone who will love them,
(Always and forever)
Everyone deserves someone to hug them,
To hold them, to kiss them and rub them,
and honestly say that they really really love them.
Everyone deserves that.
A person they can spend there life with and run
all over this world together so there heart can unfurl.
Everyone deserves a chance at love like a lucky pearl,
Every man deserves that special girl,
And every woman deserves that special man,
Someone that can really understand or at least pretend to understand .
Someone that has a open hand.
But people just don’t really understand
that everyone deserves someone who will love them.
Everyone deserves to have a lover in there life.
What is a husband without his wife,
What is a marriage with no ring,
What is a King with no queen,
Without someone to share your love with loves nothing.
It’s just simple a word.
That you have to find what it really means
or something that you will never find but in your dreams.
So what do u believe love means?
I believe it means happiness for eternity,
I believe love should be more modernity,
I believe REAL LOVE can be in me and be in you.
Is this real love between us 2,
Well if its not I just look above.
I no I will eventually find my true love,
cause love can’t be condemn.
Remember everyone deserves someone who will love them,
(With all the heart)