Love quotes

When you love someone,

And you love them with your heart,

It never disappears,

When you’re apart.

And when you love someone

And you’ve done all you can do,

You set them free,

And if that love was true…

When you love someone

It will all come back to you.

— Forget Paris

It doesn’t matter if the guy is perfect or the girl is perfect, as long
as they are perfect for each other.

— Good Will Hunting

why does Jacob Black get you buy you a birthday present and I don’t? –
Edward. Because I have nothing to give back to you.- Bella. You give me
everything just by breathing Bella. – Edward

New Moon

"when you get to live forever…what do you live for?" twilight

"Sometimes you
have to be apart from the people you love. It doesn’t
mean you love them any less. Sometimes it even makes you love them
~ The Last Song

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