Closer – Perto demais

As promomised:

Alice: I’m going.

(**** everything was going OK until the moment her took all of her pride and throwed it through the window******)

Alice: Can I still see you?
Dan, can I still see you? Answer me.

Dan: I can’t do that. If I keep seeing you I would never leave you.

Alice: What would you do if I find another one?

Dan: Be jealous.

(he’s talking about possession, not love. But OF COURSE she thinks that he’s gonna be jealous out of love…)

Alice: You still fancy me?

Dan: Of course!

Alice: You’re lying.
I’ve been you.
Will you hold me???

(she cries, they hug tight)

Alice: (crying) I amuse you but I bore you.


Alice: Did you love me?

Dan: I’ll always love you. I hate hurting you!

Alice: So why are you???

(they’re crying, still hugging…)

Dan: Because I’m selfish.
And I think I will be happier with her.

Alice: You won’t.
You’ll miss me.
No oe will ever love you as much as I do.
Why isn’t love enough???
I’m the one who leaves…I’m supposed to leave you. I’m the one who always leave…

(and they kiss passionately)

Alice: Make us some tea, Buster…

(he goes to the kitchen thinking “Christ, I just can’t break up with her…” but when he comes back she’s not there anymore. She has left. He goes out running after her…)

Dan: Alice? Alice?

(she said she’s always the one who leaves and that’s what she’s doing now…she was not going to be left)


I’m Alice in so many ways


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